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Come On Down To Our Special Tapings!
Posted on December 11, 2014

The Price Is Right - Special Tapings



Upcoming Specials


January 11th 4:10 pm

Are there wedding bells in your future? If there are, then “The Price Is Right” is ready to make your wedding dreams come true! We are taping a special Valentine’s Day show on Sunday January 11th at 4:10pm just for engaged couples! You and your fiancé may be called to COME ON DOWN together to play as a couple for all your wedding must-haves! All the same eligibility requirements apply as they would if you came down as an individual. If you and your fiancé are chosen as contestants, you will play as a team. There is one set of prizes per couple. So Come On Down OUR aisle before you walk down yours!


January 26th 8:30 am
It’s “Make Up Your Own Holiday Day”…it is a social media holiday. We are going to make up our own Holiday, “Price Is Right Day” and encourage you to either make up your own holiday or celebrate “Price is Right Day” with us! Either way, we ask that you please create t-shirts that celebrate whichever holiday you choose.